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Modern Marketing Tactics to Keep the Industry Independent

Learn how you can compete with REITs online while keeping your business independent + lean.

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The storage industry is 87% independent. Let’s keep it that way.

The REITs can’t compete with you at a ground level. You provide exceptional homegrown service. You’re involved in the local community. You treat your tenants like actual humans. But they have one advantage you don’t: Deep pockets for online marketing. In this white paper, we dive into how independent operators can leverage simple web marketing tactics to yield big results. Let’s give the REITs a run for their money.

You’ll learn:

  • How the storage buying process has changed
  • Data and analysis of online storage search behavior
  • Web marketing strategies for small operators to significantly drive revenue
  • Tactics to battle big competitors with even bigger marketing budgets
  • The truth about third-party aggregators


Get new tenants. Watch your revenue soar.

SpareFoot promotes your units via 60+ national partners like Penske Truck Rental and AAA Discounts & Rewards℠.

  • Reach millions through 60+ partners.
  • Compete with the REITs online.
  • Increase your profitability
  • Get the competitive edge.

Empower your storage facility to do more.

SiteLink is the smart management software of choice for more than 11,000 storage facilities worldwide.

  • More rentals, less work.
  • Easy revenue management.
  • Improve your operational efficiency.
  • Get the competitive edge.


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