CRITICAL ALERT: You Must Update From Windows XP + Internet Explorer 8 or older

If you have Windows XP operating system on your computer, OR if you use Internet Explorer version 8 or older for web browsing, you need to update your software ASAP.


What’s Going On?

SpareFoot – and most other tech companies – no longer supports either of these programs. You cannot use either of these systems to update your MySpareFoot account. While you may have been able to log into MySpareFoot and make changes recently, your changes are NOT saving. This includes critical edits to your statement and inventory.


Why Does This Matter?

It’s not just about SpareFoot—here’s why you should get rid of this software anyway: Microsoft no longer supports either of these products with security fixes, leaving you vulnerable to malicious attacks. Microsoft customer support of all kinds (including security) is no longer available for Windows XP. Microsoft customer support for Internet Explorer 8 will end later this year.

These programs are now completely unsupportable and unable to accommodate the complexities of current internet technology.

SpareFoot has gone above and beyond to support XP and IE8 users far longer than most companies have. But now, we can no longer provide the same great experience we strive to give all of our clients to those who use these programs.


What Should I Do Now?

Not sure what browser and/or operating system you’re using? Find out here. If you do NOT use Windows XP or Internet Explorer 8 or older, there’s no further action needed.

If you DO use Windows XP or Internet Explorer 8 or older, please follow the links below to update your software:

Update to a new version of Internet Explorer here.

Update to a new version of Windows here.

If you need any help, please contact your system administrator or IT representative.