SpareFoot Case Study

SpareFoot Case Study

Independent Operator Now Able to Compete with REITs Online

A self-storage business struggling to compete with the biggest players was able to earn nearly $44k in revenue from new online customers sent by SpareFoot and its national partners.

JMP Storage invested in online advertising, but was having trouble competing against larger REITs for ad views with its more limited budget. By partnering with SpareFoot and harnessing the collective SEO and PPC buying power of more than 10,000 storage operators, JMP is now represented on the first page of Google.

The Goal

JMP Storage wanted to maximize its online advertising ROI by reaching the first page of Google search results for each of its target markets in Utah.

The Results


new customer reviews


new moved-in customers


in revenue from SpareFoot


national brands promoting JMP

The Challenge

Despite working with a digital marketing firm to promote its own website, larger REIT competitors consistently pushed JMP out of visibility in search results. This made it difficult to obtain new customers beyond a 3-mile radius in local search results, leaving JMP with lower than desired occupancy rates.

The Solution

JMP Storage decided to refocus its online marketing efforts by joining SpareFoot in October 2013. Upon signing up, they immediately gained a marketing advantage over competitors not listed with SpareFoot. JMP customized the photos, amenities and details on their SpareFoot listings to show off what makes them unique and superior to many competitors.

“These days, the majority of business seems to be conducted online, so anything that helps us use the Internet to our advantage is a worthwhile investment. For us, it’s all about what activities will generate the greatest result,” Wright said.

Because many potential tenants prefer using comparison shopping marketplaces to find storage, SpareFoot gets a lot of traffic and high ranking in search results in Salt Lake City. This makes it possible for SpareFoot clients like JMP to rank on the first page of Google by proxy. As with physical shelf space in the grocery store, it’s helpful for JMP to show up in more than one place beyond their own website. It’s the same way a cookie brand would like to be placed on the main aisle, in an end cap, and in a prominent display by the store entry.

Large and small storage companies are given equal treatment on SpareFoot, so JMP can compete on an even playing field on the network. They’re promoted on big partner channels that reach customers who need storage, like Penske Truck Rental and SpareFoot takes those channels away from competitors like the larger REITs, and gives them to operators like JMP.

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The Client

Jordan Wright, Operations Coordinator for JMP Storage, an independent self-storage operator in Utah with four facilities amounting to 400,000 square feet of space.

The Market

City: Salt Lake City, UT

Population: 191,180

Total facilities: 104

Number of REIT-owned facilities: 8

The Facility

Owned by: John M. Potter

Years in business: 5

Account: JMP Storage

Number of facilities on SpareFoot: 4

“A strong Internet presence through SpareFoot helps us compete more effectively to reach people we wouldn’t attract otherwise. We are able to associate quite a bit of our traffic with SpareFoot.”
Jordan Wright Operations Coordinator for JMP

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